Best food markets in Barcelona

Mercat de Santa Caterina

Address: Av. Francesc Cambó, 16


You can find this market in the Born neighbourhood, near to Via Laietana. Easily recognisable from far for its curvy, colourful rooftop. It was designed by Catalan architect Enric Miralles, and its purpose is to represents the colourful vegetables and fruits sold in the market.


Mercat de Sant Antoni

Address: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 1

Altought this market is currently closed, due to renovations, after it is finished probably it’ll be next tourist attraction next to the la Boqueria. On the outside of the market, you can find stalls of second hand books, clothes, accessories and shoes.


Mercat de la Barceloneta

Address: Placa de la Font, 1-2,

Mercat de la Barceloneta is full of tradition and history! The Barceoneta neighbourhood was originally the hub of Barcelona’s fishing industry, hence it was in the market where the fishermen’s wives gathered. It is close to the coastline, so this is where you’ll find the freshest selection of seafood


La Llibertat Market

Address: Plaça de la Llibertat, 27

Located in the Gracia district, it is a less-touristy market in Barcelona. Next to the many fruits, and vegetables stalls, here you can find a big variation of seafood products. Enjoy the local and relaxed atmosphere as you walk through the inside and also the outside of the market where you can even more stalls of products!