Christmas in Barcelona!

It really feels like Christmas is nearly here in Barcelona! There’s roasting chestnuts on every corner and sparkly lights draping the Plaças and boulevards. Here we’re gonna give you some info on both Spanish and Barcelona Christmas traditions. Next week we’re going to take a sustainable angle and give you some tips on how to have a more eco-friendly Christmas.

Spanish Christmas traditions

Christmas Eve:
The Spanish tend to have the majority of their Christmas celebrations on Christmas Eve. Most Spaniards will attend a special midnight mass, called La Misa del Gallo. The evening of the 24th is also when the big Christmas meal will take place

Nativity scenes on a big scale!

El Gordo:
The Spanish national lottery that takes place on the 22nd December has such a huge amount of prize money that it’s been nicknamed El Gordo, ‘the fat one’. It’s a big deal!

Barcelona Christmas traditions

Caga Tío:
Traditional to the entire Catalonia region, the pooping log (not joking!), is a log in fancy dress that is fed small bits of bread or orange peel and sung to by children in the hopes that it will poop out some turrón.

Special events

Christmas markets:
There’ll be Christmas markets across the city from the end of November until Christmas. There’s:
La Fira de Sant Lucia – in front of the Barcelona Cathedral
La Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Família – in the park next to the Basilica
La Fira de Reis – on Gran Vía, between Plaça de la Universitat and Carrer Calabria

The Three Kings Parade:
The 5th and 6th of January are actually the most important days for the Spanish and their Christmas celebrations; this is when the majority of presents are exchanged! There’ll be a huge parade in Barcelona on the 6th, have a look here: