How to travel responsible and sustainable

Everyone loves to travel. But did you ever think about the impact you have on the environment and people while travelling? Here are some tips and tricks on how you can follow your passion with minimum negative impact.

1. Choose your destination wisely
The further you travel, the bigger is your negative impact on the environment. The best choice would be a destination where you could go, without taking a flight. Use as much public or shared transporting systems as possible. also, one of the worst possible ways to reach your destination is by cruise ship. But if you have no choice, because you relay on an airplane, make sure to buy carbon offsets and choose the most fuel-efficient airline possible. A simple rule is: the further you go by plane, the longer you should stay at your destination point.

Another factor you should keep in mind is to choose a destination which doesn’t suffer from over-tourism. At places such as Venice or Machu Picchu for example, the environment and locals are suffering from the massive amount of people visiting each year.

2. Choose the right accommodation
A big no-go are clearly mega resorts. But also most hotels and hostels damage the environment and use resources more than necessary. So the best option would be to search directly for sustainable accommodation, such as our Sleep Green Eco Youth Hostel. If your vacation won’t lead you to Barcelona, there are also plenty of internet platforms which let you filter for sustainable accommodation, such as:

3. Try to act locals as much as you can
To respect the local community, try to avoid “touristy behaviour”. For example don’t take photos of people without asking for permission. Don’t travel places “to make party” and bother locals with drunk behaviour and loud noises. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know different cultures and to really dig in. Additionally, you can also ask them for restaurant recommendations. It’s a great way to explore a culture by its food.

4. Choose souvenir gifts carefully
A great way to help the local economy is by buying handmade souvenirs. Always make sure where the product has been made. Avoid junk purchases, that nobody really needs. Its often a good idea to buy some unusual food to bring home to your friends and family.