Solo Travel

At first, traveling solo seems to frighten people. But once you have experienced this empowering adventure, you won’t want to miss it. But clearly, it can have it’s up and downs and this is what we want to discuss in this post.

3 „Ups“ of Solo Travel 

I. Meeting new people 

Meeting new people

Especially if you are shy person, traveling alone can be a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try to talk to strangers. Hostels like ours provide the best opportunities to meet new people from all over the world. The cultural exchange is one of the best things you can learn from traveling!

II. More freedom

More freedom

Another advantage is, that you can do whatever you feel like doing! There is nobody you have to check with or compromise. You’ve planned on doing a certain activity but have a change of plans last minute? No problem, there’s nobody you’ll have to argue with.

III. „You will find yourself“

You will find yourself

At least that’s what you’ll hear a lot once you mention your solo travel plans to friends and family. But really – while you’re all by yourself, you have more time to reflect. Free from all the everyday pressure and responsibilities, you can discover what you’re really like. Traveling alone can let you grow as a person, make you stronger and challenge your opinions.

3 „Downs“ of Solo Travel

IV. Eating alone

For some reason, eating alone makes most of us uncomfortable. Eating is often associated with socialising, so it often feels odd to eat all by yourself. But don’t let the fear get in your way. Food is an important part of each culture, so don’t hesitate to experience it. And you might also meet some new, or even local people, while you’re in the restaurant! 

V. Loneliness

Solo travel is not for everyone. sometimes it’s hard, if you don’t have anyone to talk to. To combat loneliness, find simple, fun things to take your mind off. Or try to talk to new people – you’ll have new friends in no time! 

VI. People will tell you it’s dangerous

People will tell you it’s dangerous

Many people believe that traveling alone is much more dangerous than with others. But why? You do many things alone in your hometown. So why should solo travel be much more dangerous?