Top 5 of Best Inspiring Travel Podcasts

Whether you need time to kill or you’re looking for inspiration to travel, here are the best podcasts for you. They are great for consuming travel-related content like trip reports, insider guides and inspiration for long or short trips. Get inspired by these fun and fascinating shows and episodes!

  • The rough guide to everywhere
    This is for you if you’re looking for travel inspiration.  This podcast is special because you feel like you’re listening to more anecdotes from a friend about his trip than a travel guidebook. If you want to embark on a fun, light-hearted adventure, The Rough Guide to everywhere gathers all the fascinating stories from around the globe in an energetic way.  Starting in 2017, this podcast has four seasons with an average of 20 minutes per episode, the perfect time to focus on the essentials.
  • Travel with Rick Steves
    This podcast gives us information about dream destinations, cultures to discover and travel tips. He interviews people with different stories; you can listen to it for hours and never get tired of it. Rick Steves is one of the best known in his field, there are more than 500 episodes available.  What makes this program interesting is that it really focuses on the culture and tradition of a country. For each destination, he will interview more real locals than just tourists to get different perspectives but above all the reality. Moreover it is really an educational show for those who really want to see the values of what matters in a trip and not only photos.
  • Zero to travel
    For those who have an irresistible need to wander, but are stuck in the routine of modern life, this popular and long-standing program helps you find a way to escape this routine and embark on a journey. Focusing on long-term escapes and life-changing travel, host Jason Moore gives us very good tips, from cheaper flights to how to build a modern digital nomadic lifestyle. If you’re planning to take a break from your life and start a new adventure, check out the “Transition to Travel: Before and After” page to find out what it takes to plan a year-long world tour and how it can change your life.
  • The Trip Doctor
    This podcast has nothing to do with medicine, unlike its title indicates. It’s about how to act smart when you travel. The program is presented by a professor in tourism where he discusses the subject of: intelligent travel. It is important to highlight this podcast because these episodes are often on significant topics in today’s society, such as “travel and sustainable development” or “the impact of travel on the environment”. Guests on the podcast are usually volunteer tourists or travel experts on travel with disabilities.
  • A Broad Abroad
    This program is a travel and lifestyle podcast with a focus on solo female traveller and local cultures.  It encourages people to get off their butts and stand out from the ordinary, to leave and learn something new. Paula Froelich, the host of the program, tells stories of how women have the courage to face this world and inspires people to embark on an unforgettable adventure. She strongly recommends for both men and women to travel alone and plunge into the unknown to see all its beauty.