Vegetarian and vegan dishes for Christmas lunch

Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet is good for the planet and good for you too, so it’s something we fully support. Now, Christmas lunch can be a tough deal as a vegetarian or vegan, what with the main event traditionally being a huge roast turkey! So, we’ve decided to give you ideas and links to our favourite vegetarian and vegan alternatives to some of the common components of a traditional Christmas lunch. The hardest part of having this diet can be having to discuss it with family members or others who just refuse to accept or understand the point of living meat-free. Remember to stand your ground, respond calmly and keep in mind that you are doing a good thing! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, as long as you are happy and healthy.

Turkey/the main event

This is really the hardest to find a decent alternative to, there’s the classic nut roast of course but why not get a little creative and think outside the box…?

Stuffed veggies and nutty nuggets! –

Vegetable tatin –

Squash and butter bean pie –

Roasted veggies

Roasted vegetables are often lathered in mountains of goose or duck fat, butter, or other animal products. As a healthier, vegetarian and vegan alternative, you could try covering the veggies with a good dollop of coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil..the list goes on!


Traditionally gravy is made using a meat based stock so it’s pretty simple to make a vegetarian or vegan alternative! Using a vegetable stock is the obvious swap but this can mean your gravy is lacking in flavour. Try using marmite, red wine or loads of onions to add depth to your very own veggie gravy! Here’s a decent recipe we found:

Pigs in blankets

This little snack doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced as it’s not essential to the Christmas lunch but if you will feel like you’ll be missing out whilst your family tuck in, we’ve found some great options online.

Halloumi in aubergine blankets! –

A meat-free Quorn alternative –

We hope you see something you like!