What to do in bad weather in the city?

A rainy day in Barcelona can ruin many great plans during your stay. Postpone those plans for another day and pick up something interesting to do from the list of activities we’ve gathered in this post. You might even go see and do something you wouldn’t otherwise experience!

Barcelona Aquarium

This is one of Spain’s biggest aquarium! It’s a fun place to visit for the whole family and a perfect destination for a rainy day. 35 aquariums, 450 different species, including sharks and raymoons, and a total of 11,000 creatures will most likely keep you busy for a good part of the day.


If you understand Spanish, a rainy day can be a great chance to discover some local cinema. If not, then the Renoir (Floridablanca street, Eixample) and Verdi (Verdi street, Gràcia) are good options. If you just prefer seeing films in their original language (whether that’s English, French, Japanese or beyond), head to these Barcelona cinemas where you can see movies as they were meant to be seen. Their films are shown in their original language with Spanish subtitles.

Shopping centres

When it rains forget about the big shopping streets (Portal de l’Angel, Rambla Catalunya…) and head to Barcelona’s shopping centres. They are quite numerous and provide great shelter from bad weather.

Spa & Wellness

Nothing beats a spa session, or a really good massage. Head to one of Barcelona’s best spas so you can still enjoy a less-than-sunny day in town!