Zero Waste: Enjoying quarantine time

Work, physical activity, hobbies – our lifestyle is now quite disrupted by being stuck at home. This situation could end up having consequences on our psychological health.  That’s why it’s important to keep busy, to stay positive. It is a golden opportunity to stop procrastinating, to refocus your attention on the essential things, to focus on your deepest aspirations or to reinvent yourself: No Wasting Time.

  • Keep up the speed to stay productive

Above all, it is necessary to organize a new routine in order to keep the rhythm and not to suffer the passing of time. This means continuing to set your own bedtimes and waking hours, especially if, like many Spaniards, you have to work from home. It’s important to get dressed instead of staying in your pyjamas before starting your day. You can choose comfortable clothes, but keeping this habit will once again allow you to frame your day and stay in a certain dynamic. Just like working, cooking, cleaning, or making time for you. If it helps, create a schedule with this new organization and print it out so you’ll always have it close at hand.

  • Take your time

Housework, tidying up, sewing, drawing, reading… there are so many activities that we always put off until tomorrow. Not necessarily because they are boring, but because we don’t have the time, or rather, because we don’t give ourselves the time. Being stuck at home, when you have to reconsider your schedule, and sometimes find other things to do, bring us face to face with those little things that we always put off and those hobbies that we usually run away from. Sorting through one’s things is a chance to get rid of the superfluous and feel like breathing again. Very useful in times of confinement, start sorting ecologically because we always say: “Ah, I don’t have time for that!” Also, it’s time to enjoy good homemade food. If, you have always wanted to try to be vegetarian, far from any temptation, you can take advantage of this moment to challenge yourself. In other words, take time again for the simple things in life. We invite you to include these small activities in your weekly schedule. You’ll have a great sense of satisfaction and there’s hardly a better time to get started.

  • Stay active

Confinement may force us to stay at home, but it does not exempt us from daily physical activity. It is even recommended to maintain a certain balance.  A wind of solidarity has been blowing on the web since the beginning of the epidemic. Sports coaches offer many free sports sessions to follow live on Instagram and Facebook or available on YouTube. There are also platforms such as Shapin’ that bring together professionals from different disciplines. These platforms allow you to follow sports courses every day. Sports applications such as Nike training or Puma training will also become your best allies because they offer a free sports course for this period. You can also, if your finances allow it, offer you the luxury of following a personalized coaching at a distance. Yoga go, Zumba, cardio boxing… whatever your preferences, sport remains accessible, so we take advantage of it. Being active during the day and doing sports every day, even for fifteen minutes, generates physical fatigue that considerably improves the quality of your sleep. This is the basis of a virtuous circle to feel good in your body and in your life.